It's time to get Off The Menu

I love good deals and while this applies to all matters of shopping, dining out is one of my most frequent purchases so why not save a few dollars when possible?

Two weeks ago I was invited to a dinner on the west side. Luckily, and to my surprise, it was a dinner hosted by Off The Menu - the foodie app that tells you about secret menu items from restaurants all over the city.

Our dinner that night was at Pace Joint in West Hollywood. They have two off the menu items which we got to try. One was the carbonara and the other was the mussel pizza.

The carbonara was delicious! Beautiful al dente spaghetti topped with luscious bacon and peas on a pool of creamy sauce.

The mussel pizza was great. I haven't a pizza like it before and its odd toppings are actually a perfect match. It's a white pizza topped with a handful of whole leaf spinach, a bed of mussels and rosemary embedded in the dough - which I really loved.

After dinner, let's just say that I was hooked. Being in the know on the city's best hidden dishes is pretty great. There are so many dishes that I've been missing out on and after becoming a member of the Off The Menu club, now I can splurge on these underground eats.

Here are a few of the eats and drinks I've been enjoying since joining:

The basil-lemon espresso tonic from Madame Monsieur in DTLA.

The croivado toast from Clark Street Bread in DTLA.

Neapolitan-style pizza star from Prova in West Hollywood.

A little about the app:

  • $20 a month with no additional fees.

  • Seven secret food/drink items weekly.

  • There's a 12 hour gap between redemptions.

  • The offers update every Sunday with new food items.

How could I resist such a bargain?