Hello Food World!

Hi Foodies,

My name is Johnny and thanks for stopping by!

Growing up in Los Angeles, it's hard not being a foodie. As Angelenos we get the best of the culinary world due to the many that have migrated here over the years calling LA their home. This is what makes us one of the best food cities. LA county has countless Mexican, Japanese, Armenian, Chinese, Italian, Peruvian, and Indian restaurants among many other eateries that represent several countries and cultures. My ethnic background is as diverse as our food scene: I'm part Peruvian, Chinese and Indian and I love to eat everything - or at least try it once.

If it wasn't clear: I love food. My mission is to find the best in street food and restaurants, new and old, that serve delicious fare. I'd like to share them with others so they can have the same unforgettable experience that I've had. I'll do so by highlighting these experiences through aesthetic photography and credible reviews.

Follow me on my food adventure while I discover the best in LA and beyond.