Add An Egg On Everything

Before the days of yolk porn, finding the "add an egg - $1" line under your favorite dish was quite scarce; not a lot of people seemed to appreciate the deliciousness that a fried egg would offer. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would add an egg on everything! I still do. Burgers were always my favorite because the meaty flavor and juiciness of the patty was easily complemented by the savory egg and oozy yolk. It's one of the best bites you can ever take.

Below are some of my favorite egg-cellent choices around the city that you can enjoy for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

The Breakfast Burger from Cassell's, Koreatown.

First of all, the buns are made out of hash browns! It's essential to have crispy starch for breakfast. As someone who eats potatoes regularly, I truly appreciate this. The hash browns are perfectly crisp with each bun slathered in a creamy sauce. The rest of the burger consists of half an avocado, a stunning fried egg with the perfect yolk intact ready to be popped and the juiciest of beef patties.

The Carne Asada Fries from Mexicali Taco & Co., Downtown.

No, this isn't a giant ostrich egg - I checked. Mexicali Taco is one of my go-to taco spots in the Downtown area. I really love their shrimp tacos and vampiro - a quesadilla with garlic spread and choice of meat. One of their specials is the carne asada fries: golden-fried potato strips topped with tender carne asada chunks, a creamy cilantro sauce, queso fresco and at request - a fried egg.

The Peasant Burger from The Local Peasant, Sherman Oaks.

This is what happens when I ask for an egg and I get an egg blanket. The Peasant Burger is simply topped with a fried egg, caramelized onions, special house sauce and added extra cheese. I could eat this burger any day. Great flavor profile: sweet, salty, savory and cheesy. As if that wasn't enough, their homemade pickles are crisp and the steak fries are fried to perfection.

There are plenty more fried egg dishes to be discovered - trust me, I have a list that I still need to get through.