Blinkie's Donuts: A Neighborhood Gem

Thai tea raised donut.

On the farthest edge of the western San Fernando Valley in Woodland Hills you'll come across Blinkie's Donuts. The shop may be hard to come by unless you know about it; it's located in a small plaza within a residential neighborhood just before reaching Mulholland Drive. It was originally opened in the 1960's, but now under its fourth ownership with owner Teresa Larsen and family, who has been serving the neighborhood for over fourteen years.

Blinkie's is the "Cheers" of donut shops. The staff warmly welcomes all of their regulars (by name) and it just adds to the neighborhood charm. They also push dozens of donuts within minutes. I stopped by Friday morning at the crack of dawn and witnessed so much donut trafficking; people walked in and out with at least two boxes of donuts and there was a side table stockpiled with pick-up orders - it's no wonder why they close at noon, or earlier if they sell out.

Raspberry Crinkie's

Blinkie's Crinkie's: a specialty donut with several layers of buttery dough filled with raspberry jam and topped with powdered sugar.

Blinkie's has a variety of donuts: old fashion, buttermilk, cake, devil's food, raised (yeast) and specialty with a multitude a toppings and fillings. These are all made daily and whatever isn't sold is donated to an organization. The quality of freshness is easily apparent in the donuts. I had the opportunity to watch a batch of old fashion donuts being made.

Frying donuts

Dough rings are pressed through a hand-cranked machine that goes straight into the hot oil. The donuts are turned over after two minutes and back again so they cook through on both sides. The perfect rings bloom into the familiar shape we all know and love.

The donuts are removed from the oil and rest before being hand-dipped into the icing.

The result? Hot and fresh donuts like I've never tasted. So delicious and sweet: the perfect morsel. You can really taste the love and hard work that is put into these morning sweets - it's hard to believe that Teresa and her family didn't have prior experience in the donut business and they've definitely made a name for themselves.

Cream-filled crinkie with chocolate icing.

Assorted classic and specialty donut box.

Owner Teresa (middle) and staff.

If you're in the Valley or beyond, Blinkie's is must-eat for any donut lover. You can enjoy the classic donut selections or try some of the more creative flavors, like: Horchata, Thai Tea, Orange Creamsicle or Mango & Tajín, and take a cruise down Mulholland Drive.

Blinkie's Donut Emporium

4884 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364