A Roman Holiday in Studio City

Now that summer has come to an end, you'd think that it's time to put on our sweaters and scarves and have endless servings of Pumpkin Spice lattes. Wrong. It's still pretty hot even though it's technically autumn now, but that's just normal LA weather. We're still soaking up the sun, hitting the beach and enjoying plenty of frozen treats - like gelato.

Studio City is one of the hot spots of the San Fernando Valley as most of it runs along Ventura Boulevard: home to some of the best bars and restaurants, boutiques and multiple star sightings outside of Hollywood.

Fatamorgana is the Roman gelateria transplant playing the new kid on the block as they've found their home on Ventura Blvd. and have been open for over a month.

Unique flavors, from top: first - walnuts, dates and Gorgonzola, second - black olives "taggiasche" and third - basil.

Fatamorgana emphasizes its unique and familiar flavors through quality products. They only use the best ingredients available to obtain maximum flavors. I spoke with owner, Katyna, and she explained the importance of using these products to create all of her gelato flavors. Fresh cherries from the farmer's market, imported chocolate and quality mezcal are just examples of how she embodies this. Everything is gluten-free and there are also vegan options. 

She led me on a sampling tour of the various gelatos so I could taste the difference between the chocolate varieties, fruit-flavored gelatos versus sorbets and the exotic ingredients creating decadent magic. Everything was delicious, no surprise there, and you can taste the richness from the intense flavors and the gelato was a perfect velvety-smooth.

Some of my favorite flavors were the unconventional ones: walnuts, dates and Gorgonzola was an automatic favorite. I love the creaminess from the cheese enhanced by it's distinct flavor but balanced with the sweetness of the dates and added crunch of the walnuts. Black olives "taggiasche" lent its briny flavor and specs of olive skin to create a truly unique scoop. I've never had anything like it, and while it may be an acquired taste, I loved it. I'm all for odd flavor combinations.

Pink Venus and Zabaione (dried roses not included).

Another favorite was the Pink Venus: black rice blended with rose buds creating a sweet and floral scoop with added texture from the rice. Zabaione's sweet custard flavor was the perfect compliment. 

If you're looking for the sweet taste of Rome, skip the plane ticket out of LAX and head to Studio City. With over fourty different flavors, there's definitely something for everyone to enjoy.


12021 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604