Guess who?

Hey foodies! I took a bit of a break from writing as things got a little hectic. Balancing work, school and my food life was taking a toll and I needed to prioritize a few things. This didn’t stop from me from posting weekly on social media; my Instagram and Facebook have definitely kept me busy.

There is always something new to do in LA! I also opened up a YouTube channel. This will allow me to upload and share videos that aren’t limited to just one minute. Here is a link to my latest video: Word of Mouth LA YouTube. During this break, I was also featured on Voyage LA. It was an honor to be interviewed and have them share more of my photos! If you’d like to read a little more about me, you can check out the article here: Voyage LA interview. The spring and summer seasons are brimming with plenty of food and beverage events, so in the near future expect to read all about them!