Night Market: Fried Chicken Party

It’s time to party! The third night of Night Market celebrated fried chicken. This southern staple has taken LA by storm as every year we are getting waves of new spots opening up that are solely dedicated to fried chicken. Included with these openings are the countless pop-ups specializing in Nashville-style fried hot chicken. The Fried Chicken Party was curated with some of the best spots for crispy and succulent chicken. The fried chicken connoisseurs included Lucky Bird, Phatbirds, Hotville, Night + Market, Chef Kang Food Rehab, Crack Shack and Honey’s Kettle. The chicken varied in crisp texture, spice levels, sauces, but what they are had in common was juicy chicken. To cleanse the palate, and perhaps offer a cooling effect from the spices, Wanderlust was scooping some of their finest ice cream. Their prickly pear and aloe vera sorbet was a fresh and floral dessert that complimented the chicken perfectly. Beverages included cocktails by Jose Cuervo and Suntory, beer by Sapporo and Peroni, coconut water by Zico, and mineral water by Topo Chico. More photos of the event available on here.