Night Market: All-Star BBQ

When Sundays come to mind, it brings back memories of barbecuing. The final Night Market special event was dedicated to this slow-cooked, comfort food. The All-Star BBQ featured pit masters from Cali, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and New York. The barbecue kings from Slab, Franklin BBQ, Sam Jones BBQ, Horn BBQ, Moo’s Craft Barbecue, Kra Z Kai’s Laotian BBQ, East LA BBQ Co., Martin’s BBQ, Hometown BBQ, and APL were showcasing their finest ribs, brisket, sausage and pulled pork. Juicy and tender meat was served in tacos, sliders, on top of collards or right on the bone. To satisfy the craving for something sweet, Valerie Confections was slicing up comfort in the form of mezcal sticky toffee bread pudding topped with fresh whipped cream. Beverages included cocktails by Jose Cuervo and Suntory, beer by Sapporo and Peroni, coconut water by Zico, and mineral water by Topo Chico. More photos of the event available on here.