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Power up with superfoods

What are superfoods? In recent years, we’ve heard so much about superfoods. Superfoods aren’t new, but rather, the word itself is. Superfoods are those that offer a high nutritional value within a minimal amount of calories. The benefits that superfoods offer, like phytonutrients and antioxidants, is why everyone is consuming more of these nutrient-rich foods. Superfoods are easily accessible and inexpensive. Items like carrots, honey, and loquats are readily available in stores and even your local farmer’s market. I recently learned about simple recipes that can be made with superfoods. Chef Shirley Chung of Ms. Chi Cafe  led a cooking demo displaying the simplicity of cooking innovative recipes with these items. One of the recipes that Chef Chung shared with us was “heirloom carrots with aioli”. She made a tofu-based aioli with grape seed oil, yuzu zest, fresh ginger, and organic yuzu juice. She blended the ingredients to a silky texture and spooned this onto the dish. This aioli was topped with honey roasted Thumbelina (baby) carrots. Heirloom rainbow carrots were also used in a variation of this recipe. This recipe was simple, healthy and vegetarian-friendly. Chef Chung also prepared a “magical mushroom garden salad” which included a marinated and roasted mushroom medley, carrot ribbons, sweet gem lettuce, loquats and an almond butter "mud". It was dressed in a yuzu vinaigrette and topped with crispy tofu croutons. She also prepared wontons with a honey-yuzu vinaigrette and chili oil. These vegan wontons filled with roasted mushrooms, carrots and tofu. In learning about simple recipes and the benefits of superfoods, I also learned that the cosmetic industry is using these superfoods in their products. Shiseido is one such company. The Japanese skincare company is introducing Waso: their new line of products featuring superfoods. There are five products total that are highlighting the benefits of: honey, red shiso, carrot, yuzu, and loquat. If these ingredients sound familiar, it’s because Chef Chung used these in her tasting-demo. These superfoods are found in the WASO cleanser, peel off mask, hydrating cream, sleeping mask, and day moisturizer – items that can be used throughout the day: morning to night. Shiseido’s WASO line can be found at Sephora, exclusively. Superfoods in your normal diet and in your everyday beauty products is a great way to ensure your body and skin is getting the nutrients it needs. Feel and look good starting from the inside out. For more photos, click here.