Eclectic brunch courtesy of Tu Madre

It’s been a month since we’ve been able to dine out at bustling restaurants and have a drink at our favorite watering hole. My very last experience was at Tacos Tu Madre in West Hollywood. I met up with fellow blogger and friend, Danielle of Follow My Gut.

Tacos Tu Madre has a wonderful outdoor patio with coastal Mexican vibes. Thatched roofing, weaved basket chandelier lights, light wood tones offsetting the white walls and planters filled with rows of cacti. It’s a desert dream. Their menu boasts familiar Mexican dishes but with a Cali spin. They call themselves “inauthentic” and “unconventional” and that’s not a insult; it’s a testament to their creative fusion dishes. You’ll find options for tacos, burritos, bowls, and small bites on their regular menu, but I went on a Sunday so I was able to explore their brunch menu as well.

So many dishes were calling out my name; particularly items I wouldn’t normally find or think to order at a Mexican restaurant. The WeHo Waffle is a house-made waffle topped with yuzu creamsicle, malted strawberries, Thai basil, and dehydrated strawberry dust. I’ve never seen anything like and was pleasantly surprised by this fresh and vibrant dish. I enjoyed the hints of tart from the fruit. The Warm & Toasty Cornbread was a must for me. I love southern food and their cornbread was topped with ranch butter and blistered padrón peppers. The mild peppers paired well with the saltiness and sweetness of the bread. I had to compare Chef Oliver’s Breakfast Tacos to a vegetarian bánh mì. They were layered with mushrooms, pickled carrots, daikon, pickled jalapeño, cucumber, mint, Thai basil, chipotle aioli, and perfectly fried eggs. Very savory with a light tanginess. These were an excellent choice! Since their tacos were a hit, we tried one of their Breakfast Burritos. They come with soft scrambled eggs, crispy tater tots, truffle guacamole, American cheese, and your choice of protein: chorizo, braised brisket, bacon, steak, pastrami, or honey Sriracha fried chicken. As I mentioned, I’m a fan of southern food, so fried chicken was an immediate yes. Also, honey and Sriracha on fried chicken just sounded right. The burrito was heavenly. Various textures from the crunchy fried chicken and soft scramble, the crisp tots and the creamy guac - it all blended together so perfectly.

I’m glad I was able to spend my last brunch - until further notice - with great company and eating delicious food.

Tacos Tu Madre is among the restaurants that are still operational right now and has multiple locations around LA. You can order for takeout or delivery!

Tacos Tu Madre

1111 N. Hayworth Ave

West Hollywood, CA 90046